Written and produced by Sarah May

Mixed and mastered by James Preston

Cover photo by Jason Chang photography


I know that some of what you’re saying could be true

And deep down there’s a part of me that wants to trust in you

You’re trying to be funny and I’m trying to be smart

Trying all my best not to let down my guard

Conversations end and everyone begins to leave

Until all that’s left sitting here is you and me

You’re trying to move closer and I’m trying to pull away

Trying all my best not to give into your ways

It’s the morning after and you’re asking me to leave

I’ve barely woken up and you’re trying to get rid of me

I’m on the bus home wondering what I did wrong

Am I another name on your list, are you another love song

Six days have passed, I receive a message from you

You’re out and about but your night is nearly through

You ask me to come over and my head is screaming no

But I’ve had a lot to drink so I leave my friends and go

One thing that I am always thinking

Why do I let this keep on happening

I have been here before and I am stronger than this

But I’m a damn addict when it comes to your kiss

I’m full of life until somebody says your name

I feel my stomach sink and I’m drowning in the shame

I’m trying to be funny and I’m trying to be cool

Trying all my best not to look like your fool

Six months have passed and I feel like I’ve moved on

You’re here tonight, I’ve avoided you, I’m done

You’re walking over to me and I feel like I could be sick

And then you take my hand and you hold on to it…

© 2019

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